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See the Vision-Feel the Music


 I have been teaching the Guitar privately for over 20 years in homes all around NSW and QLD, as well providing guitar tuition at Community Centres in Upper Coomera Q.LD.

I provide a unique service where i provide guitar tuition with songwriting techniques as well as personal development skills for confidence and character building.

Over the past 3 years in particular from students at the Upper Coomera Community Centre, i have seen students achieve, grow more confident with everyday skills and have been informed by parents of there obvious delight in seeing there kids progress and better themselves with music.

I have also taught visiting students from overseas countries such as Korea and iam available for intensive guitar lessons depending on their length of stay.

Tuition , i can visit your home, making it easier on you as It saves you time by not driving to lessons, finding a park, making it comfortable for the student. etc.

  My Contact number is 0411 206249.

I have completed a Diploma of Contemporary Music from The Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Arts in Lismore NSW with distinctions in songwriting and performance and business studies.

I teach acoustic guitar as well as electric so depending on your style, from rock, country , blues to pop.

I make it enjoyable, have good knowledge as well as a professional attitude.

Iam also certified with a "Bluecard" too  teach children in QLD.

Spaces are limited so please call me to arrange a suitable time for you.

LESSON PLANS: Beginner to Intermediate

WEEK 1: Introduction by teacher

              : students interests

              : tuning of guitar

              : correct posture and holding instrument

              : learning to hold and play

WEEK 2: Basic skills for the guitar

              : prior knowledge of guitar/songs etc

              : various styles of songs, what would you like to play?

              : reading the chords, understanding song structure.  


WEEK 3: Rythmns for Guitar

             : introduction to scales, major, minor

              : strumming patterns

              : basic chords.

WEEK 4 : Chords Continued

              : major,minor

              : 7ths, 5ths, Bar chords

              : keys of songs

              : revision of previous week lesson

WEEK 5: The Voice and Guitar

              : learning the pitch of the songs, writing words, song structure

              : how the voice plays a pivotal role in playing songs on guitar

              : guitar techniques, the slide,pull-off ,hammer on, fingerpicking.

WEEK 6: Guitar Bootcamp

              : fretboard knowledge

              : power chords

              : theory on chord structure.

WEEK 7: Intro to writing music and writing notes

              : words and pharaphrasing

              : bass clef,treble clef

              : musical notations,rests etc

WEEK 8: Review of lessons

              : testing the knowledge
              : plans for future lessons/ expectations  of student / where to next???

PS. This is just a guideline and can me modified to meet each students needs,its fun because i make it fun….

Iam also certified with a "Bluecard" too  teach children in QLD.

Iam available for group bookings and individual students young and old with my current students ranging in

ages from 7 to 65.

To book or to find out more information contact.

 Jeff Rice 

0411 206 249

ReferencesCindy Mabini  0418 342 066 ( chellas mum upper coomera)

                    Christine and Terry Sanderson  0432574209 (Private)

                    Karen Moody 0422 970 224 (upper coomera)

Gold Coast Area.

This is a great opportunity for kids on the Gold Coast and surrounding districts area to learn guitar and songwriting.

Students are requiring there own instruments 

and a clear leaflet folder for handouts

 Please call me to arrange booking.

Mondays:  4pm to 6pm


Thursdays : 4pm to 6.30pm


Private Tuition is available in the area, another time or day can be arranged. Cost is now $35 Half Hour lesson 1 on 1, or $60 Hour.


0411 206 249

or email me at monsterjack@y7mail.com

Upper Coomera Community Centre 90 Reserve Rd Upper Coomera off Abraham drive Phone: 07 5581 7227

To the right is one of my students Chella  in a video playing guitar from the upper coomera community centre on a tuesday.

The below image is Faith who also attended guitar lessons on a monday in 2013.


Below is Hojin a korean student visiting for Australia for 1 month. I did intensive guitar lessons with him and he learnt a lot in that time.

Anna attended lessons at the upper coomera community centre on a monday.

Chella student learning royal by lorde
Jeff Rice (Jeff Rice's Album)

Below is a drawing from a student i teach talelah from upper coomera.(Cool Hey)